Gift of Spring

By: Sandy Churchill   Winter has been pretty kind in its overall restraint in our neck of New England this year, tossing a few random snow squalls  here and there, with only a few days below freezing. This week feels like an early Mothers’ Day present—a handful of 50-60 degree sun-streaming days in February, no less! … More Gift of Spring

Snow? More Snow?!? 6 Reasons to Savor More Snow in the Forecast

By: Martianne Stanger  As I write this, the first day of spring is about to arrive with…. snow! Yes, snow! More snow. And, for many, groans. But, not for me. Here, we’ve just been struck with the belly bug and as it makes its way out of our home, I am actually happy that we’ll be … More Snow? More Snow?!? 6 Reasons to Savor More Snow in the Forecast

Let it Snow!

By: Jessica Aldred  As New England grunts and bears all that winter has to offer, I find that there are two types of mothers: those who legitimately enjoy the snow and extra time at home spent with their children, and those who dread those unplanned snow days and pray they don’t see their city or town’s name scrolling … More Let it Snow!

Winter Fun

By: Alison Puzia, Guest Contributor After the holidays, cold weather no longer seems cheery and festive. Instead, it becomes a nuisance that prevents kids from playing outside. Is your family getting cabin fever from staying inside to avoid the cold? Don’t worry, we have the solution! Check out these fun winter activities that the whole … More Winter Fun

Cherishing the Seasons—All Good Gifts

By: Sandra L. Churchill Blinded by glistening snow-glare that is streaming through my front windows, I am confronted by mixed emotions—chilled by another 20-degree day with winds kicking up frozen swirls of newly-fallen snow, but grateful for the warmth of the winter-bright sun. As New-Englanders, we are blessed with four robust and lively seasons—yet sometimes … More Cherishing the Seasons—All Good Gifts