A Gardener of Hearts and Souls

By: Sandra L. Churchill Summer is abloom with bubblegum petunias, Shasta daisies, sweet roses, and wild lavender. Gardeners everywhere bend on soil-stained knees, patiently attending to blossoms and vegetables alike, nurturing their tender leaves and stems to vibrant, dewy verdure. But in recent weeks, I have been pondering the possibility that not all gardeners raise … More A Gardener of Hearts and Souls

Zombie Mom Walking

By: Cheryl Maguire “Do you want to go for a walk?” That was the gajillionth (yes that’s a real word, at least according to Urban Dictionary) time one of my 16 year old daughter asked me that question, and it was only two months into the pandemic. Everyone in our neighborhood was doing the same … More Zombie Mom Walking

Let the Swiss Family Robinson Inspire Your Summer

By: Martianne Stanger  Summer time. Adventure. Magical moments.  These things just seem to go together don’t they?  Add a little inspiration into the mix, and the delight of longer summer days only grows.  Case in point for our family was the summer of 2014, which I also call our Swiss Family Robinson summer.  No, our family was … More Let the Swiss Family Robinson Inspire Your Summer