Choosing Positivity and Making Lemonade Out of COVID Lemons

By: Sandy Churchill I love the spirit of “positivity” and “making lemons out of lemonade”—and truly, the COVID-quarantining-mask-wearing-social-distancing world we are currently living in is an ideal place where a sense of optimism and hopefulness is needed. A friend recently launched a “lemon-themed” Bible study in her newly-revamped garage-turned-girl-cave where she decorated a Christmas tree … More Choosing Positivity and Making Lemonade Out of COVID Lemons

Covid Cancellations: Embracing Flexibility and Silver Linings

By: Sandy Churchill Someday, we will look back on this wacky Coronavirus time—perhaps referring to it as the “pandemic pandemonium”,  “COVID chaos”, or the “plague of 2020”. For now, however, we are navigating tough times. Some are struggling with the total upset of routine and freedom, confined at home and perhaps overwhelmed with concerns about … More Covid Cancellations: Embracing Flexibility and Silver Linings

School Activities and the Power of the Three Ps!

By: Sandy Churchill Piano, karate, theatre, ballet, scouting, and student government… What do these things have in common? At our house, any commitment to long-term participation in the arts, sports, government, and community service have the potential to grow a child (or even adult for that matter J) in the three Ps: patience, persistence, and … More School Activities and the Power of the Three Ps!

Kind Correction

By: Sandy Churchill “I say this with all the love in the world,” a dear friend recently told me, while inspecting my school supply closet, “do not buy another pencil!” She was critiquing my supply stash where a hoarding mentality sometimes took over—not because I intentionally hoard, but because I often stock up, then temporarily … More Kind Correction

Small Treasures

By: Sandy Churchill Is there such a thing as a “nature hoarder”? Truly, I prefer the term “appreciator”, “collector” or “crafter”.  As a six year-old, I scrambled to collect rocks and pebbles of myriad colors and unusual shapes, some sparkly, some striped, and tried to hoard them in my bureau drawer nicknamed by my mom … More Small Treasures

“Elf Workshop” Helps Year-Round

By: Sandy Churchill When you hear the term “elf shop,” do you conjure images of jingle-bell-adorned, pointy-shoe-clad wee folk who work alongside Santa? True enough—but we have another meaning at our house, a worthy companion to spring cleaning. We certainly cannot be the only family out there with a list of “to-do”s, “fix-its,” and myriad … More “Elf Workshop” Helps Year-Round

Glorious Hearthfires!

By: Sandy Churchill There is nothing like a hearth fire in winter, especially in New England. The smoky scents welcome us homeward when arriving from outdoors, and the crackling blazes instantly usher in warmth, family, and the cozy embrace of home. Our family members are campers at heart, eager to hike, kayak, tent- or cabin-escape … More Glorious Hearthfires!