Potty Chronicles

By: Tanya Pimental  My strategy for eliminating diapers likely differs from most. I learned so much from first born in regards to potty training.  Honestly, I thought she’d go off to middle school wearing diapers.  I felt so much parent shame.  It made me truly unravel at times. She’s a smart and sweet 9 year … More Potty Chronicles


By: Heather O’Neill  I remember watching my father wipe my little brother’s nose with his bare hands and being totally grossed out. His response to me was, “Once you become a parent you’ll do things you never knew you would.” I certainly know this to be true. When you first become a parent you understand … More Gross!

Potty Training

By: Heather Desmond O’Neill Poop. It’s what everyone’s talking about in my house these days. I think that once you become a parent, talking about bowel movements and urination become everyday topics that you share with anyone else who is a parent. Most likely they won’t get weirded out by it. I remember when my … More Potty Training

Clogged Toilet? Just Use a Simple Everyday Ingredient to Fix It!

By: Martianne Stanger Let’s talk poop.  Or rather poop clearing. I know.  Gross.  But at the risk of sharing too much information, humor me (and maybe yourself!) while I explain the debacle that happened in our bathroom the other day, as well as the magic that cleared it up.  Or, if you’re squeamish about literal … More Clogged Toilet? Just Use a Simple Everyday Ingredient to Fix It!

Potty Time

By: Tanya Pimental When I look back at my experience in potty training my first born, I realize how much I learned from her.  I feel somewhat a fraud in posting about potty training, because I really didn’t do it.  Maybe that is the key thing in our situation.  At the end of it, the … More Potty Time