Depression Stirs Future Compassion and Connection

By: Sandy Churchill I have dealt with anxiety all my life and intermittent depression that has reared its ugly head off and on¬† over the years, and never have I seen a silver lining to either condition. Truly, they can be debilitating, blocking joy, stirring insomnia, and sapping energy on so many levels. But a … More Depression Stirs Future Compassion and Connection

Who is Miriam Carey?

By: Janice¬†Johnson-Plumer Last week we were watching the news and saw that a 34-year-old woman drove 300 miles from Connecticut with her 13-month-old daughter in the car all the way to Washington DC. According to the news, she had anxiety disorders in the past and thought the President had her placed on lockdown. She thought … More Who is Miriam Carey?