Choosing an Abundance Mindset Over a Scarcity Mindset

By: Tanvi Maharaja If there is one positive, silver lining if you will, that this pandemic has offered us, it is the realization that most good things in life are free. We find ourselves spending more quality time as a family, enjoying the infinite beauty of nature. The flora, the sunsets, the incessant chirping of … More Choosing an Abundance Mindset Over a Scarcity Mindset

Small Treasures

By: Sandy Churchill Is there such a thing as a “nature hoarder”? Truly, I prefer the term “appreciator”, “collector” or “crafter”.  As a six year-old, I scrambled to collect rocks and pebbles of myriad colors and unusual shapes, some sparkly, some striped, and tried to hoard them in my bureau drawer nicknamed by my mom … More Small Treasures

Art and Nature

By: Mary Morris Kids love nature and they love art. Who doesn’t, right? The two share a wonderful connection. How many times have you gone to an art museum and looked at beautiful paintings of oceans and sunsets and fields of grass? These are seemingly simple landscapes that are captured with light and texture by … More Art and Nature