Snow? More Snow?!? 6 Reasons to Savor More Snow in the Forecast

By: Martianne Stanger  As I write this, the first day of spring is about to arrive with…. snow! Yes, snow! More snow. And, for many, groans. But, not for me. Here, we’ve just been struck with the belly bug and as it makes its way out of our home, I am actually happy that we’ll be … More Snow? More Snow?!? 6 Reasons to Savor More Snow in the Forecast

Everyday Evidence

By: Martianne Stanger As my children grow, there are two sights I rarely tire of and continually marvel at – their backs… … and the tops of their heads. In fact, sometimes, seeing my children huddled together, heads bent at some simple task actually brings me to tears. Happy tears. Grateful tears. They are mine. They are … More Everyday Evidence


By: Heather Desmond O’Neill There are definitely two teams in our house. Us against them. We have to stick together.  If we don’t, our children may realize that ultimately we really have no power. There are fabrications that we have told our children to keep the upper hand.  After the kids are in bed, sometimes … More Untruths

Summer Safety

By: Alicia Tapp, Guest Contributor June is National Safety Month, a great opportunity to reinforce healthy and safe behaviors for your family. This month, adopt these tips to ensure your loved ones stay happy and healthy- both inside and out! 1) Master water safety. Avoid swallowing water you swim in.  Accidental indigestion of pool water can lead … More Summer Safety

Free Fun Fridays

Looking for a way to beat summer boredom without breaking the budget? Check out Free Fun Fridays, which provide free access to great local museums and cultural spots. If you attend any of the events, let us know! We’d love to hear if your family enjoys one of these great local resources.

Summer Wishes

By: Sandra L. Churchill The temperature today hit 90 degrees and morning dew was heated to a mist nearly at dawn. In recent days, summer has surely arrived. Sunlight is blazing down, meadow flowers are blooming, and the earth is warm and green. School is out for some and in the home-stretch for others. At … More Summer Wishes

Community Events

By: Alicia Tapp, Guest Contributor Summer days can be hectic- especially when the kids are home from school! Break free from your routine and take your family to one of these great June activities. Whether you’re close to Brockton or Pembroke, we have events that will surely be fun for the whole family. 1. Kids … More Community Events