Cabin Fever Picnic

By: Kathy Trainor  Who could forget last winter? And the 8 feet of snow in less than 30 days?  With another snow storm headed our way and one just over. I had to bring out a few tricks from last year. When children get “cabin fever,” one way to keep them occupied is by doing something unexpected. In … More Cabin Fever Picnic

Animated Light Displays

By: Kathy Trainor  Walking through a winter wonderland doesn’t have to be bitterly cold. Your whole family can enjoy Animated Light Displays across New England. Families across the region turn their homes into magnificent creations of lights and sounds. You and your family can sit in the comfort of your car, turn on your car radio, and … More Animated Light Displays

Easy Holiday Recipe

By: Kathy Trainor  You have no idea how easy, Easy Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge really is! Looking for an easy holiday treat that will be a hit with everyone? Look no further! Last year, while trying to figure out a treat for my snow plow guy, I figured I would try something new since I love … More Easy Holiday Recipe