Mommy Disaster

By: Kristen Clifford Well, I would like to crawl under a rock and pretend that what happened last Wednesday didn’t, but I can’t. The day started off like any other, Grace doesn’t have school on Wednesdays so we spent the day at home cleaning and catching up on laundry. My husband was at work. Grace … More Mommy Disaster

Starting Solids

By: Tanya Pimental As my little one speeds towards being six months old, we are once again beginning to think about introducing solids.  It’s a fun time with your little one as you explore new tastes and textures, but it’s also a bit more work.  I have never been overly anxious or excited to begin … More Starting Solids

Postpartum Reality

By: Tanya Pimental My baby is a month old already.  It is hard to imagine just a few short weeks ago she was nestled inside and I was imagining life with her in our family.  She has been a wonderful baby and aside from the lack of sleep, I am feeling well.  Even though this … More Postpartum Reality