Giving is Receiving

By: Deirdre Littlefield Since adopting our last child, collecting donations for children living in foster care has become a passion of mine. There are so many children of all ages in need and I have found even more people who want to give to them. Together, we have found a way to connect the two. … More Giving is Receiving

The One Gift Everyone Should Give This Christmas

By: Sandy Churchill This year’s Thanksgiving has turned the page, Christmas songs are on the radio, and stores are bedecked in their finest of crimson, silver, and gold. Many of us are in the throes of Christmas shopping and searching for gifts for loved ones near and far, be it online shopping or frenzied treks … More The One Gift Everyone Should Give This Christmas

A Teacher’s Rant

By: Kathy Trainor The holiday season is fast approaching! There are always SO many gifts to buy and often people think to send one to a teacher. As a teacher I never expect a gift, but I am so thankful when someone has thought of me. Most teachers often feel it is a waste, as we … More A Teacher’s Rant