How Walking On The Beach Helped Me To Be A Calmer Person

By: Cheryl Maguire “Will you please go on a beach walk with me?” My then nine-year-old daughter gazed up at me with her beautiful green eyes, waiting for an answer. The never ending “to do list” popped into my head. I glanced over at the dirty dinner dishes piled high in the sink and then … More How Walking On The Beach Helped Me To Be A Calmer Person

Couch Farewell

By: Sandy Churchill For a Gemini, with a zany schedule where no two days are alike, I struggle with the smallest changes. Not the kind like where you park, or what to buy at the grocery store, or even where to sit at the dining room table, but the sentimental kind. After 12+ years, our … More Couch Farewell

Mental Health Tip: Less Screen Time, More Family Time

By: Jennifer Lonergan Next week, October 7th-13th, is Mental Health Awareness Week. Now, if you are from my generation, chances are you don’t think this applies to you. But the truth is, mental health is for everyone. When I was growing up, anything related to mental health involved institutions and asylums unless it impacted your … More Mental Health Tip: Less Screen Time, More Family Time

Let’s Be Present

By: Deirdre Littlefield My oldest son enlisted in the US Army this year. We miss him terribly but are filled with pride. As our family decorated our tree this year, it hit me hard; we were short one family member. Each decoration my oldest son made brought back a flood of memories and conversation to … More Let’s Be Present

Happy Summer!

By: Deirdre Littlefield The sun is finally out and summer is on its way. Our schedule is beginning to clear of all the activities that enrich their daily lives—from soccer, to hockey, to music, to lacrosse. I love to watch my sons socialize and learn how their bodies work and to see which talents come … More Happy Summer!

Let the Games Begin!

By: Sandy Churchill Upon returning from a recent game conference in Columbus, Ohio, our family was encouraged and recharged from life’s stresses—thanks to three and a half days of games, games, and more games. These are not video games—nor are they the simple-stream variety of Monopoly, Checkers, or Candyland. They are European-style board games of … More Let the Games Begin!