6 Ways to Keep from Going Stir-Crazy During COVID-19

By: Martianne Stanger When you’ve got kids that are used to being out and about and active more than they are at home, the staying mostly at home, social distancing thing can be tough. However, when you allow kids freedom to work and play, following interests and taking care of needs around the house, a … More 6 Ways to Keep from Going Stir-Crazy During COVID-19

Who’s the Real Boss?

By: Cheryl Maguire When I became a stay-at-home mom I thought, “Finally I can be the boss”. The idea of not answering to anyone or to have the ability to create my own schedule was appealing.  Obviously, these delusions of grandeur were construed while I was pregnant. Perhaps the combination of hormones and increased caloric … More Who’s the Real Boss?

3-5 Ingredient Healthy Treats

By: Martianne Stanger During COVID-19 social distancing, we’ve been shopping less, of course, which mandates greater creativity in the kitchen. My daughter has nailed the kitchen creativity, cooking meals and experimenting to develop her own snack recipes. Among my daughter’s successful food prep forays has been a not-so-exact, every-time-a-bit-different, but always-devoured-within-a-day recipe that we have … More 3-5 Ingredient Healthy Treats

One Day At A Time…

By: Tanvi Maharaja The current global situation caused by the novel Coronavirus is mind-boggling. While we struggle with everyday decisions related to jobs and school, companies are struggling financially, and nations in a health pandemic. Thankfully, the initial chaos seems to have streamlined to a slightly improved understanding of helpful strategies to navigate this bizarre … More One Day At A Time…

Covid Cancellations: Embracing Flexibility and Silver Linings

By: Sandy Churchill Someday, we will look back on this wacky Coronavirus time—perhaps referring to it as the “pandemic pandemonium”,  “COVID chaos”, or the “plague of 2020”. For now, however, we are navigating tough times. Some are struggling with the total upset of routine and freedom, confined at home and perhaps overwhelmed with concerns about … More Covid Cancellations: Embracing Flexibility and Silver Linings

Fear vs. Friendship: Choosing Good Amid Coronavirus Chaos

By: Sandy Churchill   Schools are closed. Recitals, games, rehearsals canceled… Eat-in restaurants are now closed and a federal state-of-emergency launched… Coronavirus seems to be taking our former lives hostage and ushering in a “new normal” with the steady blips and beeps of e-mail updates, texts, and news counts of the latest number infected, tested, … More Fear vs. Friendship: Choosing Good Amid Coronavirus Chaos