Let the Games Begin!

By: Sandy Churchill Upon returning from a recent game conference in Columbus, Ohio, our family was encouraged and recharged from life’s stresses—thanks to three and a half days of games, games, and more games. These are not video games—nor are they the simple-stream variety of Monopoly, Checkers, or Candyland. They are European-style board games of… More Let the Games Begin!

Become A Signature Moms Featured Blogger!

We’re excited to announce that we’re sponsoring another Signature Moms Blog Contest! All mothers, grandmothers and aunts in the South Shore area of Massachusetts are invited to enter from June 20, 2016 to July 26, 2016. The contest will culminate with five women winning $300 each. The selected ladies will join Sandy Churchill, Tanya Pimental, Martianne Stanger, and… More Become A Signature Moms Featured Blogger!

No Dye Tie Dye

By: Kathy Trainor No Dye Tie Dye is something that has you wondering, what am I talking about now? Tie Dye you always need Dye! Well, after much preschool debate on our school playground amongst the teachers, we found out that we DON’T need Tie Dye at all. Tie Dye is costly, messy and you… More No Dye Tie Dye

5 Places to Look for FREE FUN This Summer!

By: Martianne Stanger In the past week, my family has released endangered red-bellied cooter turtles… …enjoyed climbing on all sorts of DPW equipment and collecting some freebies… …watched a police dog exhibition, clamored into police vehicles, potted plants, had faces painted, enjoyed hots dogs, hamburgers, and more… …all for FREE!  How? Simply by keeping our… More 5 Places to Look for FREE FUN This Summer!

Mom Jobs

By: Kathy Trainor Mom jobs are when you have jobs that only a mother can think of doing. You know those things they only do. The gross, down and dirty jobs. We both get over worked, no pay and then on top of that no sleep. But sometimes there are things that just moms do.… More Mom Jobs

Bring On Summer

By: Tanya Pimental As Memorial Day approaches this weekend, I find myself in the same state of disconnect as I do each year at this time. It’s now when I start to be less attentive to making school lunches, daily reading reminders, and bedtimes. The warmer weather and the added hours of daylight tend to make it… More Bring On Summer