Resolutions for Good!

By: Sandy Churchill   As 2016 draws to a snowy close and 2017 lingers on the threshold, the timeless sensation of resolutions comes to mind. As parents, we share a potential spirit of reflection, evaluation, and future promises to do better somehow—to keep doing what is working, for sure, but also to embrace change, improvement, … More Resolutions for Good!

A Touch Of Humility

By: Deirdre Littlefield   We need to bring humility back to our children. We have been taught to praise everything they do to raise their self-esteem. We have told them how great they are for everyday tasks and have rewarded them in every area from academics to sports to citizenship. We, as a society,  have … More A Touch Of Humility

100 Years Old

By: Cheryl Maguire   After a major decluttering of the house (see post), I found this gem of a picture my son drew in first grade. Here’s the story related to it:   In first grade at my children’s school, they celebrate the 100th day as if it were a momentous occasion. In some respects … More 100 Years Old