Giving is Receiving

By: Deirdre Littlefield Since adopting our last child, collecting donations for children living in foster care has become a passion of mine. There are so many children of all ages in need and I have found even more people who want to give to them. Together, we have found a way to connect the two. … More Giving is Receiving

I Lost My Mom

By: Kathleen Blandin   It’s inevitable. Parents die someday, somehow and in someway and you know this growing up; you’ve pondered the painful thought, but then you abruptly tuck those thoughts away saying, “but that’s not something to think about right now.” You shake your head, you change channels in your mind to something more … More I Lost My Mom

The One Gift Everyone Should Give This Christmas

By: Sandy Churchill This year’s Thanksgiving has turned the page, Christmas songs are on the radio, and stores are bedecked in their finest of crimson, silver, and gold. Many of us are in the throes of Christmas shopping and searching for gifts for loved ones near and far, be it online shopping or frenzied treks … More The One Gift Everyone Should Give This Christmas

Where In The Room Is My Daughter Hiding Her Laundered Clothes?

By: Cheryl Maguire My 14-year-old daughter doesn’t put her clean clothes away. But I get it. The task requires a great deal of energy. You need a lot of muscle strength to press that pause button on Netflix. And then don’t get me started with how challenging it is to roll herself off the couch. … More Where In The Room Is My Daughter Hiding Her Laundered Clothes?

Glitter Anyone?

By: Sandy Churchill There is always a project at our house—usually some sort of craft, be it painting, sewing, crocheting, or gluing and glittering a present of some kind. Sure, we have games and puzzles here and there, but I wasn’t as aware of the constant crafting on the dining room table until my now-son-in-law … More Glitter Anyone?


By: Tanvi Maharaja   Every so often in life, we find ourselves at a loss. Loss of hope, loss of ideas, loss of positivity- when things aren’t looking as bright and optimistic as we would like. It is at times like these that we need to remember, no matter how bad this looks, have faith, … More Thirst-Quenched