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The Signature Moms Blog “mommy” bloggers were identified through a contest sponsored by Signature Healthcare where women who had a primary role in raising children were encouraged to visit Signature Healthcare’s Facebook page and post a written narrative explaining why they would be a great blogger.

Meet the winning bloggers:



Martianne Stanger – Middleboro – A full-time homeschooling mom of three and part-time tutor, drama teacher, curriculum writer, and blogger, Martianne thoroughly enjoys living life with purpose and sharing forward whenever she can.





Sandy Churchill – West Bridgewater – A mom to two girls and a boy, she loves to connect with other women on the journey of “parenthood.”




Carolyn Coleman


Carolyn Coleman Brockton – Carolyn is a New Orleans native who is challenged with raising sons who are more than 12 years apart.






Janice Johnson-Plumer Brockton – a life long resident of Brockton and is presently married with a 16-year-old son who keeps her very busy. Her blogs tend to focus on current events or issues that she cares strongly about such as women’s health, mental health, and being a mother.





Deirdre Littlefield Abington – With biological sons ages 23 and 10, Deirdre also has a 3-year-old that she adopted from foster care and does emergency care for children 4-12.







Cheryl Maguire – East Bridgewater – Cheryl Maguire holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She is married and the mother of twins and a daughter.





Jennifer Lonergan East Bridgewater – a special education teaching assistant with 4 children, Jennifer who can share her insights on dealing with patients rights, how to speak with the doctor and how to remain calm and supportive for your children.





Barbara SchwartzRocklanda mom with a college senior that can share her insights on children growing up and the phase of life known as menopause.






Kathleen Blandin  Stoughton – We’re excited about the perspective that Kathleen will be able to offer as an aunt without children of her own. We look forward to hearing her outsider insight on all things baby.





Heather O’NeillRocklandHeather is a mom of boys ages 7 and 10 while also working full-time and carefully juggling the insanity.







Tanvi Maharaja South Easton – a physical therapist and mother of one, Tanvi is excited to share her struggles, challenges, and experiences of being a working mom in today’s fast paced world.




While readers can expect to find an abundance of helpful health information, topics are not limited to healthcare. The blog will feature posts about local, kid-friendly restaurants and movies, childcare, summer camps, schools, community events and anything else of interest to area mothers.

4 thoughts on “Our Bloggers

  1. My names is Susan Rogers. I am also a Mom. My children are older. My youngest, a son, just graduated from Whitman/Hanson Regional High School this past Friday June 1, 2012. I also have a daughter who graduated from the same school in 2009. She is a 3rd year Illustration major at The College of Visual and Performing Arts at UMD. So proud of both of my children…they are great kids!! Time goes by so fast! I remember clearly when my kids were babies and now they’re all grown up!! I have always been a working mom. I have been working at Signature Medical Group for nearly 5 years now. I love the people; patients and staff that I come in contact with every day. I also have my own business: The Massachusetts Kids Club. Learn more at http://www.massachusettskidsclub.com. You can also find me on You Tube, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. Thanks & Have A Fun Day!

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