Mommy Time Out

By: Kristen Clifford Until this past weekend, I had never spent a night away from my kids or my husband. But lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by “Mommy” stuff. When an opportunity for a Mommy Time Out presented itself, I jumped on it. My husband agreed to stay home with all three … More Mommy Time Out

Water Safety Tips

By: Sheila Gaudet For me, summertime means water.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in a town that sits on the shore of Lake Ontario and is divided by a river big enough to handle decent sized ships.  My family also had a summer cottage on a nearby bay so fishing, water-skiing, swimming, and … More Water Safety Tips

Our Trip to Maine!

By:  Jessica DiRamio My family and I just returned from a fun-filled trip to Maine – and I’m just busting at the seams to tell everyone I know about a place that I fell in love with, but had never been to before!  Our vacation started with a night on the Portland Waterfront.  My husband … More Our Trip to Maine!

I Am More Than A Mom

By: Sheila Gaudet As “Mommy Bloggers” a lot of what we write about involves our children.  If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t fit the role, right?  I truly believe that when we make the decision to become parents, we take on a huge responsibility to protect, nurture,, and guide our children to adulthood.  For … More I Am More Than A Mom

Traveling Stories

By: Kris Berry Don’t tell on me, but when I was in High School, occasionally my classmates and I would participate in a “traveling story.”  Basically, one student would start the story by writing a sentence on a piece of paper.  That paper would then get passed around the classroom from student to student, each … More Traveling Stories

Flying Solo

By: Sheila Gaudet When people hear that my husband is an airline pilot, their first reaction is usually, “ooh, free flights!”  That can be a benefit of being part of an airline.  Unfortunately, between my husband’s work schedule (including the commute to his “base” airport) and the kids’ school, extracurricular, and visitation schedules, we never … More Flying Solo

Mystic Aquarium

By: Kristen Clifford My husband and I have taken our kids to the New England Aquarium, many times, but it just doesn’t compare to the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT.  When I found out that our library had passes to the Mystic Aquarium, I was so excited!  It’s about an 1.5 hours from where we … More Mystic Aquarium

Comic Con 2012

By: Sheila Gaudet As a parent, there are many things you know you will sacrifice for your child: sleep, leisure activities, spending money, eating in restaurants that don’t have a kid’s menu, and did I mention sleep?  Some of things you don’t realize when looking at that sweet little bundle in your arms when they … More Comic Con 2012