Safety Belt Safety

By:  Michelle Rappold- Certified Nurse Midwife at Signature Healthcare   Sometimes, it is difficult to fit in all the things you would like to tell an expecting mom when she is in your office. What to expect over the next month, what’s normal or abnormal, things to watch out for and what tests need to … More Safety Belt Safety

Camping Adventures

By: Rachel Ventura   My family’s newest addition is a camper. We are in love! We got her this past Fall and used her for 2 weekends before she had to be winterized. It was a sad day, but we knew we’d be using her again soon!   We decided to test out her tires … More Camping Adventures

Visiting Family

By: Carolyn Coleman We just recently returned from visiting with both my family and my husband’s family. Both our families live in Louisiana, so this was a nine-day vacation for us. One important thing I learned is that because Louisiana is our home, our family doesn’t realize that we are on vacation when we are there. … More Visiting Family

Happy Campers

By: Sandra L. Churchill My husband and I are often greeted with bewildered looks when we confess our love of camping. Truth be told, we’re not diehard, sleep-on-a-rock-by-a-river types who frequent the most rustic of trails with no access to a bathroom. We love to camp in “moderate conditions” as a family. Some would even … More Happy Campers

Are We There Yet?

By: Rachel Ventura This past January, my husband and I decided to plan a trip to Florida to visit my in-laws. As we started to research and add up expenses (and boy do they add up!), we began to seriously contemplate driving vs flying. We had driven there once before, BC (before children) with another … More Are We There Yet?