One Day At A Time…

By: Tanvi Maharaja The current global situation caused by the novel Coronavirus is mind-boggling. While we struggle with everyday decisions related to jobs and school, companies are struggling financially, and nations in a health pandemic. Thankfully, the initial chaos seems to have streamlined to a slightly improved understanding of helpful strategies to navigate this bizarre … More One Day At A Time…

3 Wellness Investments You Should Start Making

By: Tanvi Maharaja With the tax season upon us, some of my friends were discussing investments. There are plenty of options to choose from: investment in your retirement, your kids’ education, a health fund, etc. I believe that some money should be put aside as Special Investments: the Special being You. Here are my top … More 3 Wellness Investments You Should Start Making

Go Red to Raise Awareness For Women’s Heart Health

By: Tanvi Maharaja Heart attacks, as depicted through movies and television, characteristically depict a man grabbing the left side of his chest in seemingly agonizing pain. There has been substantial awareness about heart disease and any man with “crushing’ left-sided chest pain, going into his left arm or the left side of the jaw, is … More Go Red to Raise Awareness For Women’s Heart Health


By: Tanvi Maharaja   Every so often in life, we find ourselves at a loss. Loss of hope, loss of ideas, loss of positivity- when things aren’t looking as bright and optimistic as we would like. It is at times like these that we need to remember, no matter how bad this looks, have faith, … More Thirst-Quenched