Summer DIY Projects

By: Kathy Trainor  This summer we are looking to redo an old camper. We want to turn it into a play house for the kids. We also want to use it as a learning tool for ourselves to learn to build and repair things. We don’t know how much about home repair, but we figured … More Summer DIY Projects

Play Ball!

By: Jessica Aldred  Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd…bring me a screaming 1 year old and bored preschooler and my days at the ball field are anything but enjoyable. This year is especially difficult as the baby is on the verge of walking- yet insists on crawling laps … More Play Ball!

Playground Moms

By: Kathy Trainor  The slide, the swing and the see-saw- all places for kids to explore and play. You see groups of moms setting up shop in the bench and you are left looking around going OH BOY what did I get myself into.. Even if you have your favorite coffee with you the people … More Playground Moms

How the Signature Moms Bloggers Celebrate Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate we asked the Signature Mommy Bloggers how they planned to celebrate their special day! Kathy – We are taking part in a BBQ cook off competition for our BBQ Cook off team.  We are cooking ribs chicken pulled pork and Brisket! Jessica – This Mother’s Day will be my first as a mom … More How the Signature Moms Bloggers Celebrate Mother’s Day


By: Carolyn Coleman  This is the word I think of when I think of my son. My son turned 16 a few days ago and I thank GOD every day for such an amazing gift. I look at him and I see joy and happiness; I see a young man with a great heart and … More Wow!

Mommy Sick Day

By: Jessica Aldred  Every parent giggles when they see that commercial with the parent popping their head into their child’s room aiming to call in sick for the day. The irony of that situation is not lost on me. I recently found myself defeated by the infamous stomach flu and praying to the depths of … More Mommy Sick Day


By: Rachel Ventura  I love creating things for my home. I’ve made all sorts of little creations that are displayed throughout my house. It’s fun making them, I save a ton of money, and it makes the house feel more “homey.” Sure, not everything is as nice or as perfect as something you may buy … More Recycling