The Beauty of Change

By: Sandy Churchill When people describe “a perfect storm”—it usually conjures up images of cold fronts and tidal waves or tornado-like winds spawning catastrophic ends. But a perfect storm can also comprise a sea of happy happenings that simply whip emotions into a frenzy and tap into a bittersweet understanding that time is simply speeding past … More The Beauty of Change

Back-to-School Learning Inspires Us All

By: Sandy Churchill September ushers in a whirlwind of emotions—wistfulness, energy, excitement, perhaps a last-minute scramble to get life together before the hustle and bustle of academic-year routines. Bathing suits and beach towels are packed away, replaced by schoolbooks, planners, backpacks, lunch bags, and fall clothes, as students head back to school. Some wisps of … More Back-to-School Learning Inspires Us All

From Deny-abetes to Slaying the Diabetic Dragon (Part 2)

By: Sandy Churchill Read Part 1 of From Deny-abetes to Slaying the Diabetic Dragon. Anger is a tough place to be because it feels like you are actively doing something but you are actually halted in action—like standing in a burst of flame and doing nothing to either escape or douse the blaze. I have been … More From Deny-abetes to Slaying the Diabetic Dragon (Part 2)

From Deny-abetes to Slaying the Diabetic Dragon (Part 1)

By: Sandy Churchill This has been a difficult week. Four doctors appointment in a row, one a day—like vitamins. A diabetic checkup and troubling infection, mammogram, ophthalmologist, and allergist appointment felt like a week-long tune-up that revealed some frustrating news. Blood sugars out of control again… or should I say “still.” The truth is there … More From Deny-abetes to Slaying the Diabetic Dragon (Part 1)

Ageless Style

By: Sandy Churchill   This Sunday at church, a blast of twangy fiddle music blasted just a few minutes into the Mass. The country hoe-down tune made me smile, not just for the peppy burst of unexpected cell phone music, but when I glimpsed the owner of said cell phone: a sweet, quivery octogenarian who … More Ageless Style

Kindness Month Could Inspire Us All

By: Sandy Churchill Recently, I happened upon a jauntily-crayoned rainbow sign that simply said, “Kindness.” It was masking-taped in an elementary school hallway in honor of “Kindness Month, ” as part of the year-long Character Counts initiative. The simplicity and bold yellow-orange-and-green stripes of the sign made me smile. Kindness. The image in the third … More Kindness Month Could Inspire Us All