By: Janice Johnson-Plumer  I cannot believe 2014 is here! Where did the year go? It seems I have not accomplished all that I said I would do. Like the rest of the country, I make my list only to find that at the end of the year I didn’t even cross off one stinking thing. … More Determined


By: Rachel Ventura I don’t like the idea of New Year’s resolutions. They stress me out and I always feel so guilty if or when (Who am I kidding? It’s when.) I don’t keep the promise. So instead of a resolution, I like to have a New Year’s goal. I choose something that I hope … More Goals

New Years Resolutions

By: Kristen Clifford Happy New Years! Another year has come and gone.  That means it is that time of year again when everyone makes New Years resolutions.  Most people have a long list of things they want to change or accomplish in the up coming year.  The problem is that very few people ever actually … More New Years Resolutions