Pet Loss

By: Tanya Pimental Many people start their journey towards parenthood with a pet.  My boyfriend, now husband, gave me an adorable kitten as a graduation gift not long after we moved in together. Animals are such loyal and lovable creatures. There is a comfort in knowing they are around.  Curling up to snuggle a furbaby really does … More Pet Loss

A New Kitten

By: Anne Marie Holloway Our kids started hammering us with requests for a new pet shortly after the loss of our beloved feline, Boru, this past winter. Every night, my husband and I were visited by one or multiple teary eyed children who would inform us that they could not sleep anymore in “this house” … More A New Kitten

Mommy Disaster

By: Kristen Clifford Well, I would like to crawl under a rock and pretend that what happened last Wednesday didn’t, but I can’t. The day started off like any other, Grace doesn’t have school on Wednesdays so we spent the day at home cleaning and catching up on laundry. My husband was at work. Grace … More Mommy Disaster

Animal House

By: Sheila Gaudet I grew up loving animals.  We had dogs, of various shapes and sizes, from the time I was born.  I learned to ride horses at 6 and have asked for one for Christmas every year since then.  We had a barn which is the only reason that my father allowed us to … More Animal House