Thank You, Dad

By: Anne Marie Holloway I wrote this blog post two years ago as a Veteran’s Day tribute to one of my life’s greatest soldiers. In 2011, when I wrote this post, my Dad was facing a diagnosis that rocked my parents’ world: Parkinson’s disease. My Mom and Dad formed a two-person army to face this … More Thank You, Dad

Decisions, Decisions

By: Sheila Gaudet Parenting comes with many decisions about caring for our kids. When our kids are babies those decisions include breast or bottle? Cloth or disposable diapers? Co-sleeping or “ferberizing?” Daycare or staying at home?  As they get older it turns into which school is the best match for my child? Do we really … More Decisions, Decisions

Baby Lust

By: Sheila Gaudet Baby lust is my term for that feeling you get when someone you know, or even a random stranger, has a new baby.  For a moment, all you can think about is how you want one too!  The new baby smell, the almost daily milestones, and those cute little outfits all conspire … More Baby Lust


By: Sheila Gaudet I met my husband while he was in UPT school, which is military pilot training, so I knew when we started dating that I was getting involved with a military man.  It’s not the first time I’ve dated current or former military members so I had a reasonable idea of what I … More Deployment