I Lost My Mom

By: Kathleen Blandin   It’s inevitable. Parents die someday, somehow and in someway and you know this growing up; you’ve pondered the painful thought, but then you abruptly tuck those thoughts away saying, “but that’s not something to think about right now.” You shake your head, you change channels in your mind to something more … More I Lost My Mom


By: Tanvi Maharaja   Every so often in life, we find ourselves at a loss. Loss of hope, loss of ideas, loss of positivity- when things aren’t looking as bright and optimistic as we would like. It is at times like these that we need to remember, no matter how bad this looks, have faith, … More Thirst-Quenched

Honorary Grandfather

By: Sandra Churchill Dignity… grace…wisdom…patience…and a joke or two… These traits sum up my image of a quintessential grandpa—and a wonderful gentleman in our community named Joe. He was a role model in our parish, an active community member, a retired teacher, and a selfless volunteer and friend to families, teens, singles, children—in short, anyone … More Honorary Grandfather