More Ways To Save

By:  Kris Berry I know that I keep talking about saving money, but with the state of the economy today I feel it’s something that’s relevant to many families out there.  I have come up with a few additional ways to make your time, and your money, work for you. Barter:  Do you have any … More More Ways To Save


By: Kris Berry For the month of January I have put myself on a spending moratorium.  I do this most Januaries, it is my way of kicking of the year on a positive note and recover from any indulgent spending that might have happened in December.  This means I am not allowed to spend money … More IKEA

Getting to the Starting Line, Ramblings From My First Marathon

By:  Kris Berry As I shared with you previously, I love to run.  It’s my little selfish outlet, time for myself to do something alone (or with a friend to chat with), it’s time to do something just for me.  It’s something I need in my life.  As my husband says, it keeps me sane.  … More Getting to the Starting Line, Ramblings From My First Marathon

Halloween Happenings

By: Kris Berry Halloween, love it or hate it, is quickly approaching.  Personally, I’ve never really been that into Halloween, but since having kids I’ve been trying to find ways to make it fun (and safe) for them.  And, because I’m cheap, I like to come up with several opportunities for my kids to wear … More Halloween Happenings