Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhhhhhh

By: Jessica DiRamio

No, this post isn’t about Justin Bieber (although I do have a touch of Bieber fever – doesn’t everyone?)  I’m writing this time about the baby fever hitting my house!  We’re expecting in a couple weeks and this time out, it’s not me who’s having the baby.  My sister is having a baby and I am over-the-moon excited about it!  It’s time for me to…. Auntie Up!

I am already an Aunt, 5 times over on my husband’s side, but this time it’s just a little different.  I love my nieces and nephew so very much and look forward to spoiling them as much as I can, but to think that in a month’s time, my own little sister will become a Mom, my heart just about explodes.  Another bonus:  she’s having a boy!  I’ve been all about the girls for so long with 3 daughters and 4 nieces.  When my nephew arrives, I know he will quickly wrap all of us around his little finger.

I look forward to helping my sister with the baby, too.  I think it’s going to be hard for me to give him back at the end of each visit, although I definitely won’t miss the middle of the night feedings (good luck, sister!).

Now, here’s where YOU come in!  Anyone out there with a sister who has kids already?  How did you feel when you became an auntie?  Friends tell me it’s almost like becoming a mom again.  True?  Weigh in below with comments.  I’m so curious to hear your stories!

3 thoughts on “Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhhhhhh

  1. I was in the delivery room when my sister delivered her first. Oh did I cry! Especially when her husband snuck the baby out into the hallway. There my brother-in-law handed the baby over to his own father (who was 76 and without any other grandchildren at the time) and told him that my nephew was going to be named after Grandpa. It was just plain beautiful to see that man cry in appreciation. And yes,for me it is different when my own siblings have babies. They really are more like my own.

  2. Enjoy the new blessing to your family. I am the baby in my house and I remember my mom’s tears when I gt pregnant the first time. I teased her, saying she was an old hat at this since she ahs so many grandchidlren. She explained that her baby was having a baby this time, though… Every birth is so special.

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