Water Beads

By: Kristen Clifford

I’ve seen lots of parents posting lately about water beads. So, I grabbed my three-year-old and dragged her with me to track down some water beads.  We were able to find them in the floral section of Joann’s.  I bought one packet.  They do sell the beads already filled with water, or you can soak them yourself. I figured Grace would enjoy watching them grow.  This is want a packet looks like.

They are tiny, like the size of rice.  I placed only half of the bag in a big bucket of water.

You have to let them soak in the water for 8-10 hours.  So I placed them in the water first thing in the morning, and promised Grace we could play with them before bed.

Grace liked checking in every few hours to see how they were growing.

Finally after soaking all day, they became big, like the size of marbles.

I drained out the extra water, laid down a towel, and let Grace go to town!

They are squishy, slippery, and bouncy.  If you squish them hard enough they break and crumple – which is fun as well!

Grace loved squishing her hands in the beads. Heck, I I loved squishing my hands in there as well!

Grace sat quietly and played with the water beads, squishing them, and pouring them back and forth between cups.  I ended up throwing most of these away after she was done playing, because she had broken most of them.  I took some of the whole ones that were left over and placed them in my plants to water them.

These were such a huge hit!  The little bag cost me around $3 and I got 2 separate uses out of them.  The package says you can save them in a baggie in the fridge if you want, but I haven’t tried that yet.  They are also non-toxic, however, I wouldn’t let your child eat them. I don’t let my 17-month-old twins play with them yet, because they still like to mouth EVERYTHING!  This past weekend I had my 6-year-old nephew over and he loved them just as much as Grace.

I highly recommend getting some water beads.  Once I pull myself away from playing with them, I’m able to buy myself a few minutes of toddler free time to get some cleaning done! $3 is definitely well worth a little peace and quiet for me!

2 thoughts on “Water Beads

  1. So cool! Can’t wait to do this with my LO. She still mouths everything but when she’s ready for water beads I am totally in. She loves sensory play.

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