Crafty Critters

By: Cheryl Maguire   I love the Disney movie Enchanted. One of my favorite scenes is when Princess Giselle is peacefully sleeping on the couch. She awakens in a graceful manner, donning a white puffy ball gown, reminiscent of an eighties wedding dress. The camera pans to show the viewer a disorganized NYC apartment; dirty … More Crafty Critters

The 24 Hour Rule

By: Melanie Anderson In my house, we have what we call the 24 hour rule. At the beginning of our relationship, my husband could not seem to wrap his head around my emotional outbursts when I would get upset. All it would take is one mishap or misunderstanding between him, and I would take to … More The 24 Hour Rule

Gift of Spring

By: Sandy Churchill   Winter has been pretty kind in its overall restraint in our neck of New England this year, tossing a few random snow squalls  here and there, with only a few days below freezing. This week feels like an early Mothers’ Day present—a handful of 50-60 degree sun-streaming days in February, no less! … More Gift of Spring

School Vacation: A Welcome Break from the Tedious Tasks

By: Cheryl Maguire   School vacations always cause me to panic.  How will my children deal with their newfound endless hours of freedom? Will they be bored? I have no idea, but I’m anxious just thinking about it. Making lunches, getting on the bus and doing homework are the three most tedious tasks I endure … More School Vacation: A Welcome Break from the Tedious Tasks