7 Ways to Promote Your Child’s Healthy Lifestyle

By: Cheryl Maguire   April 24-28 is Every Kid Healthy Week, which was created to celebrate school health and wellness achievements. Every Kid Healthy events promote healthy eating, nutrition education, physical activity, and physical education. A child’s health encompasses physical, mental, and social well-being. It is important to maintain good overall health in children so they … More 7 Ways to Promote Your Child’s Healthy Lifestyle

The Effect of Technology and Screen Time on Your Family

By: Lauren Tankle   I am a millennial. So, my iPhone is like another appendage to me. I use it for my calendar, my emails, my calculator, my lists, my map, along with my means of communication. What time does the supermarket close tonight? I’ll check Google. Can’t think of something to eat but I … More The Effect of Technology and Screen Time on Your Family

Safety Belt Safety

By:  Michelle Rappold- Certified Nurse Midwife at Signature Healthcare   Sometimes, it is difficult to fit in all the things you would like to tell an expecting mom when she is in your office. What to expect over the next month, what’s normal or abnormal, things to watch out for and what tests need to … More Safety Belt Safety

Crafty Critters

By: Cheryl Maguire   I love the Disney movie Enchanted. One of my favorite scenes is when Princess Giselle is peacefully sleeping on the couch. She awakens in a graceful manner, donning a white puffy ball gown, reminiscent of an eighties wedding dress. The camera pans to show the viewer a disorganized NYC apartment; dirty … More Crafty Critters

The 24 Hour Rule

By: Melanie Anderson In my house, we have what we call the 24 hour rule. At the beginning of our relationship, my husband could not seem to wrap his head around my emotional outbursts when I would get upset. All it would take is one mishap or misunderstanding between him, and I would take to … More The 24 Hour Rule