How the Signature Moms Bloggers Celebrate Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate we asked the Signature Mommy Bloggers how they planned to celebrate their special day!

UnknownKathy – We are taking part in a BBQ cook off competition for our BBQ Cook off team.  We are cooking ribs chicken pulled pork and Brisket!

Jessica – This Mother’s Day will be my first as a mom of three! This time last year I was impatiently awaiting the arrival of #3. I’ll spend it waking before the sun, wiping bums, and filling bellies- all those things that come with being a mom.

Heather – One of my favorite Mother’s Day’s was my first.  We celebrated at brunch with family and honored all of the moms- my mom, my mother in law, my grandmother, my sister in law and myself and then my husband, 2 month old son and I went home to nap. It was glorious! Best Mother’s Day ever.

Carolyn– For the second year in a row I will be sending the weekend in Providence RI, at a basketball tournament. My son has games on Saturday and Sunday. I enjoy watching him play and I get to spend time with other basketball Moms. I think all the players and coaches go out of their way to make us all feel really special on that day, and my husband and son always find time to celebrate me. So I will have a great weekend!

Rachel – This year, my family and I are actually in Florida visiting my in laws. So we will spend Mother’s Day with my mother in law. We will most likely go to the beach in the morning then out to a nice lunch. Unfortunately, we need to head back home later in the afternoon. So the rest of my Mother’s Day will be spent in the car, driving back to Massachusetts.


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By: Carolyn Coleman 

This is the word I think of when I think of my son. My son turned 16 a few days ago and I thank GOD every day for such an amazing gift. I look at him and I see joy and happiness; I see a young man with a great heart and a kind spirit. Even at 16, he is the kid that can become friends with anyone he meets. I still find it refreshing to go to a parent teacher conference and hear his teachers tell me how great he is and what a pleasure he is to have in class.

Let me step back as to how this gift came about. After being married for almost ten years and helping my husband raise his twin boys, I had been trying, unsuccessfully, for several years to get pregnant. After several trips to the doctors and seeing specialist, I was finally told the only way I would be able to get pregnant would be through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). So this would be the route my husband and I would take. After a few attempts with IVF, I was finally pregnant, but only to find out that it was an ectopic pregnancy. My doctor at that time decided to treat me with a medication to dissolve the pregnancy. In January of 1998 I was rushed to then Brockton City Hospital by ambulance because the ectopic pregnancy had ruptured. Although I knew this pregnancy would not last, I was heartbroken about my loss. That night in the emergency room I was devastated. I remember being in a lot of pain, and the nurses telling me that they were waiting for the on call ER OB GYN to come in to see me. When this OB GYN came in I remember her talking to my husband and me, and telling us that I need to have emergency surgery to have both of my fallopian tubes removed. I was devastated because I was sure that I would have no chance of ever carrying a baby. The next morning the OB GYB who performed the surgery came in my room to talk to me and I was crying because I was certain I would not be able to ever have a baby. Well this doctor assured me that I would be able to carry a pregnancy and give birth. From that moment I called her my Guardian Angel, this was the most sympathetic doctor I had ever meet. Once I left the hospital I went to see her and she became my new OB GYN. When we decided to try again, she was with me through the entire IVF process she and always gave me reassurance that everything would be OK. Without her I don’t know if I would have tried to get pregnant again. She delivered my baby at Brockton City Hospital and 16 years later she is still my OB GYN.

My son is doing normal 16 year old things; he has his learner’s permit, he’s working hard in school and still playing on an elite basketball team.

Special Thanks to my OB GYN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Ho! It’s Off to Work I Go!

By: Jessica Aldred

After nearly 7 years of being home with my children, I finally bit the bullet and reentered the work force full time. While I’ve always worked part time from home, or where my kids could come with me, I haven’t had a full work week, in an office, in years. Holy culture shock!

As if leaving my clingy 10 month old wasn’t hard enough, I now trudge through bumper to bumper traffic 3 days a week. While I’m only required to be in office 20 hours a week, once I get there I feel like I should just hunker down and get as much work done as possible. However, every moment spent in the office is time that I’m away from my home and the ease of running to get a sick kid, kiss a boo-boo, or toss dinner in the oven. I’ve got a great support system helping out from the child care angle, but it’s been very trying for this anxiety ridden mama.

You’d think that by the third kid, you’d be tossing him at whoever walked in the door to watch him, but it’s not that easy. Yes, I cried half way to work that first day and I don’t care who knows it. They drive me nuts when I’m stuck with them all day but I certainly miss their crazy antics while I’m away. With that said, there is certainly something about getting ready for work and being a full-blown adult for the day that is somewhat refreshing. The ease of working from home part time can’t be beat, but there’s something about putting on work clothes, grabbing a coffee and having some semblance of peace for the day, if traffic and meetings equate to peace anyway.

I knew this day would come sooner or later-I had planned on it actually, I just didn’t imagine I’d be leaving an infant at home. I had visions of putting both of my older boys on the bus and taking off for work, but never of leaving that gummy grin behind. I spent a lot of time, and money, on my education so abandoning the career I had always dreamed of was never in the cards. With the ever changing health care coverage offered by companies these days, my hand was somewhat forced to jump back into a full-time spot sooner than expected. It certainly helped that a fantastic opportunity came my way that I just couldn’t let slip by.

In addition to the emotional response of reentering the work force full time, I’ve also found the juggling act of 3 active boys and a home increasingly challenging. It was to be expected I guess, but man are we busy. It’s only my oldest two that have started with the sports and activities but I can only imagine how many directions I’ll be pulled once they’re all in school and activities. Don’t even get me started about the homework issue.

As I navigate this hectic schedule while scrambling to provide for my family, I often wonder: How are you handling this juggling act? Shout it out! We’d love to hear your perspective.

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Hoisin Chicken Wing Recipe

By: Kathy Trainor 

I just learned the wonder of Hoisin. My father-in-law was using it on some pork and I was in amazed at how good it was. I then learned it is common in asian cooking. I thought I love the wing at the local place we order from…I have chicken at home, lets give it a try! Let me tell you- they came out AMAZING!


  • 4 pieces of chicken I used thighs and legs but you can use boneless breasts of chicken
  • 3 teaspoons canola oil
  • kosher salt and black pepper
  • 2 bunches scallions
  • 1/4 cup hoisin sauce


  1. Heat grill to medium. Brush the chicken with 1 teaspoon of the oil and season with ¼ teaspoon each salt and pepper.
  2. In a medium bowl, toss the scallions with the remaining 2 teaspoons of oil and ¼ teaspoon each salt and pepper. Grill the chicken, covered, until cooked through, 4 to 7 minutes per side; brush with the hoisin sauce and turn occasionally during the last 3 minutes of cooking.
  3. After the chicken has cooked for 5 minutes, grill the scallions, turning occasionally, until tender, 2 to 4 minutes.

Very simple for a mid week meal or even a game time snack. IMG_1120

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Surviving Puberty

 By: Tanya Pimental 

Lu & IWith the arrival of Spring, soon comes the birthday of my first born. She is a May baby and as I look back at her birth, I can’t seem to come to terms with how fast she is growing up. This year marks her 9th birthday. The last year before double digits. Dare I say she will be a tween? And with that, the realization is sinking in that puberty is around the corner. Denying this fact will not slow it down.

It’s time for us to have some real conversations about the things in store for her physically and emotionally. Many folks begin these talks as early as 8. I want us to be able to have an open dialog that takes us into the teen years and that fosters a bond where she feels like she can come to me with anything. This is certainly easier said then done.

Just Between Us CoverMy first step was purchasing the book, Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms. It was easy to introduce into our lives. Her love of notebooks and writing made this easy. I think it will really help us get to know each other in a special way. For me it’s also a keepsake. Hopeful we can look back at it years from now laugh or even cry together. My daughter has vocalized that she enjoys 1:1 time with me and this is a way to incorporate that into our lives when things get busy.

Next up is sharing a book that will certainly raise questions that I think I am ready to give answers to. The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls is a highly recommended book from other moms. Reading it ahead of time made me realize I may not have even thought to address all that this book covers. For me, the fact that it’s from American Girl makes it a little more approachable and maybe less scary. I didn’t want something so textbook that it made the changes to ones body so confusing that they don’t make sense.

While I have not yet seen the body signs (hair growth, weight/height increase, breast development) of things to come, I certainly have already witnessed the hormones. I saw her unable to stop tears from swelling up and she shared that she didn’t want to cry but she couldn’t stop herself. I’m sure you can all remember those instances in life. Hoping for now that a hug will help.

I think it’s important to consider our own experiences and model after them or learn from them as we raise our children. The whole idea of puberty was foreign to me. I’ll overly share that the weekend before starting 7th grade, I got my first period and thought I was dying. Then that same year, I learned all about the birds and the bees from a friend in Latin class. I’d like things to be different for my children.

Puberty is clearly just the start of many conversations to come. Let’s just hope I can be prepared and resourceful to my kids without scaring them off. Fingers crossed they will talk to me and listen when I try prepare them for life each step of the way. I should probably also start stocking up on acne products.

All those baby books are long gone and I’ve got a new list of books to pick up. I can’t even begin to think about my son up next. Quite simply, sharing all this makes me want to grab a copy of Judy Bloom’s, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. But, I don’t think I’ll force that on my tween.Keep Calm

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Mommy Sick Day

By: Jessica Aldred 

Every parent giggles when they see that commercial with the parent popping their head into their child’s room aiming to call in sick for the day. The irony of that situation is not lost on me. I recently found myself defeated by the infamous stomach flu and praying to the depths of the porcelain God. As if the whole scenario isn’t bad enough, my scene gets worse.

Imagine you’re there, doing your thing, and the world continues to rotate. The screaming baby pushes that bathroom door open and proceeds to tug and your shirt for attention as you swat him away from the ever-spreading virus. Just then, the puppy comes bounding in to see what’s up. Who knew vomit was such an enticing aroma?! As I rotate pushing the two of them away, I hear the constant bickering between my older sons and the ever so present “Mooooooommmmmm!”

woman-699004_1280Despite my begging for a few minutes of quiet to gather myself, the circus continues on. The screaming, fighting and constant needs of my brood don’t pause for me to be ill. They don’t simply grow up and learn to function like grown adults the second I get sick. They motor on, as do I. I splash some water on my face, re-tie my hair back, remove the toilet brush from the baby’s clutches, throw him on my hip and toss the dog a more appropriate snack. We’ll leave the bathroom clean-up for later. Thank goodness we have extra bathrooms these days.

You see moms don’t get sick days. While my husband is pretty helpful, the unfortunate truth is that the more sick days you use, the less dedicated to your job you appear. Don’t get me wrong, he’s taken a few sick days on my behalf over the last decade or so, but for the most part I’m left to suffer through it. One time (before #3), I tried to flip the scenario when I wasn’t feeling well. As I lay on the couch with my bucket, ginger ale and a warm fluffy blanket, I beckoned for someone, anyone, to get me some crackers or to bring me the remote… but alas, they shrugged and moved on with their lives. You see, Mom’s don’t get sick days, and even when you think you’ve got a sick day, someone else gets sick too and you inevitably fall to the lesser patient on the totem pole.

Sick or not sick, I’m a Mom first. They’re the reason I persevere through the tough times and toss my cookies while I clean up theirs. I’d love to hear how your family has made it through this winter and the nasty bugs it brought. How do you cope with maintaining your daily Mom duties while taking care of yourself as well?

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