Dear Laundry

By: Kathy Trainor

Dear Laundry…

We need to have a chat. I have wanted to have this talk for a very long time.

Dirty-LaundryI have been very unsettled for about 25 years now. I will not hold back. This is ALL your Fault. You never leave, you are never clean and you never give me space. I’m sick of it. I am rather annoyed by the piles of garbage you leave all over the place.

You take too much of my time.

You demand I work out by lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, and twisting more than yoga and kickboxing.

Why? Like my children and my cat, learn to clean up after yourself. Don’t be so needy and selfish. We foster a house of independence! WHY are you so hopeless and helpless and not handy in the least bit? You are constantly picking a fight and have the be separated . You are a lump of wasted space. Even my cat does more than you.

I dislike you… NO…. I HATE YOU. When I look at you I want to vomit. Your presence in this home makes me so upset and sucks every nice bone out of my body.

Smarten up, shape up, ship out and leave!

Thank you,

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Meet the New Signature Mommy Bloggers: Angela Semeta

Meet Angela Semeta, a local mom who dedicates her time to her kids and to improving her community.

Hello everyone! My name is Angela Semeta and I’d love to take a moment to introduce myself proudly as one of Signature Healthcare’s newest Mommy Bloggers. First off, I’d just like to say that I am new to the blogging world..a first timer! I intend on sharing with you my resourcefulness when it comes to free and low-cost ways to entertain kids of all ages. I will share with you ways to get involved in your community and ways to teach your kids to get involved as well.

As for myself, I’m a single Mom of two, ages six and seventeen. I know…check out the range!! I can’t believe that my son is going to be a SENIOR come September! He takes after his Mom with his artsy creative side and his love for music. However, unlike his Mom, he tends to be on the quiet side. My daughter, on the other hand, is very much like Mom in the sense she’s extremely outgoing and talkative :) What I love about her is that she loves to help others. I’ve very proud that she always puts others before herself.

Being a parent is not an easy task…single or not! I’m sure that even though many of us are different in so many ways, we share so much in common. One thing is for sure: we all LOVE our children and do the best we can to keep them smiling :)

I hope you will enjoy my posts and find the information useful for you and your families. I will keep in mind that we are parents of a wide age range of children – from infancy to teenagers – and will try to post a wide range of information that will be of interest to all.

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Meet the New Signature Mommy Bloggers: Carolyn Coleman

By: Carolyn Coleman

Carolyn ColemanI enjoy being a Mom and feel I have a lot to share with having sons who are more than 12 years apart.

My husband and I are both from New Orleans, LA. We relocated to Boston for my husband to get his Master’s Degree from Boston College. We packed up his then 5-year-old twin boys and headed east for what we thought would be no more that 3-4 years. Well, it’s been 24 years!

My husband and I have been married for 24 years. We have twin boys who have graduated college and a 15-year-old son who just completed his freshman year of high school. My husband and I both work full-time outside the home, so raising a teenage boy today is very challenging.

I enjoy reading and exercising with my husband and son. Basketball is a big part of our family. Both older boys played all through college and one has continued to play in the Ukraine, while the other coaches at a prep school in Florida. Our youngest has been playing organized basketball since he was only five. I always say to my friends, while some Moms are relaxing on weekends or doing the girly thing, you can usually find me in a gym somewhere is New England watching basketball.

I’ll be writing about the generation gap between my sons – how different it is raising a son today compared to 10 years ago. I also want to write about raising a student athlete. I don’t think most people realize the dedication a parent has to have to raise a student athlete. The most important thing is keeping my son focused on his academics so he knows the importance of maintaining his grades and having choices when he completes high school.

I am looking forward to being a Signature Mom Blogger!

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Meet the New Signature Mommy Bloggers: Jessica Aldred

By: Jessica Aldred

Jessica AldredAs a wife and mother of three, I often find myself turning to Internet blogs for insight and ideas from other moms in Southeastern, MA. I’m so excited to be able to share some of my life experiences and opinions with others in this capacity through the Signature Mom’s Blog! I recently delivered my third son in May of 2014 and I look forward to sharing the challenges and successes that my family faces as we juggle life as a party of five! In addition to being a stay-at-home mom, I also work part-time out of my home. While the balancing act of it all can have its bad days, I thrive on it all and find solace in my innate need to be organized and always have a plan. I hope our readers enjoy following along as I chronicle my family’s life experiences.

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Healthy Summer Recipes

By: Alicia Tapp, Guest Contributor

Cool off with these light summer recipes the whole family will enjoy!

salsa1) Fresh Tomato Salsa: Prepare this delicious appetizer for any event. Your friends and family will love the fresh ingredients, and it’ll impress even the peskiest of eaters. The homemade recipe goes with any chip and will hold your guests over until your next exciting dish. Try it with some pita bread to spice up the fun.

2) Grilled Honey Glazed Chicken with Green Pea and Mint Sauce: You might want to try this great entrée after digging into the salsa. With only a 30 minute prep time, your loved ones won’t be waiting long. It’s a refreshing twist on a classic dish.

3) Gazpacho

Put your garden veggies to good use. With tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions, you’ll be on your way to meeting your vegetable quota with this soup. The chilled recipe will cool off any hot day!

4) Grilled Balsamic Portobello Mushrooms

Are you a mushroom lover? Look no further!This great recipe will ensure your guests come back for seconds.

5) Strawberry Shortcakes

This quick and easy dessert will bring a great ending for any meal. It’s less than 230 calories, but will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Which healthy summer recipes do you love? Be sure to share below!

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A Day in the Life of a Mom

By: Anne Marie Holloway

Mom storiesAs the mother of four children, I often find myself smack dab in the middle of a “mayhem” I never thought could happen! I remember one harrowing and comical morning in particular where just finding a pair of pants for myself to wear was almost impossible.

I thought I would share the dialogue with you that I wrote down in my journal over four years ago.  I hope you find some comic relief in this post! Hang in there my fellow cape-wearing, endlessly-multitasking, energy-zapped super Momma friends. I am told it gets easier!?!

Here is the conversation:

My six year old stops in the doorway wearing his Superman Cape and carrying a green cup and says:

“Hey Mom, where are your pants?”

Me: (While standing in front of the dryer wearing an oversized ratty T-shirt while rustling through a dryer load of laundry) “I’m looking for a clean pair!”

Son: “Mom, you can’t just wear Dad’s pants?”

Me: (Muffled voice from within the dryer) “Nah, Dad’s pants would not fit me.”

Son: “Ahh..Mom? I just spilled the apple juice!!”

Me: (As I look to see the 1/2 gallon of juice on its side and continue to pour onto floor) “Oh jeez bud, I’m trying to get on my pants, I told you to wait and I would pour you some juice.”

Son: “But I asked you for some juice a long time ago!”

(Enter 3-year-old daughter, running through kitchen and who proceeds to slip on said spilled apple juice.)

Me: (Bumping my head on the top of the dryer as I attempt to run into the kitchen to save the day – still not wearing pants.) “Oh no!”

Son: (A judgment filled expression covers his little face) “Mom, why aren’t you wearing any pants?”

Me: (Huge sigh) “I don’t know kiddo…”

Son: (Satisfied Shrug as he puts his super cape over my shoulders – trying to help) “You’re silly Momma.” (Insert a slight hesitant pause here) “Hey, Mom?”

Me: (Sitting on the kitchen floor, wearing a red superman cape over my T-shirt, while simultaneously sporting a magnificent headache and hugging an apple juice covered sobbing toddler) “Yes, bud?”

Son: “Think you can get me some more juice now?”

Me: (Exacerbated) “Your sister hurt herself, there is apple juice currently all over the floor and I’m STILL not wearing any pants!”

Son: (With an optimistic tone to his voice) “Um, well  you have my Super Cape! And when Sister stops crying, we clean up, and you FINALLY put on your pants – Maybe then you could pour me some more juice!?”

Me: In the middle of the kitchen half dressed and holding an inconsolable toddler… looks blankly at first born son and blinks. (Insert cricket sound here)

Son: “Hey Mom?!”

Mom: (Slightly defeated – and not quite sure what to do next) “Yes?”

Son: (Huge relieved smile spread from ear to ear) “Hey! I found your pants!!”

I look behind me only to find my fourth and youngest child (the 15 month old) wiping up the spilled apple juice with my only clean pair of jeans..

Yep. Just another day in the life of a Mom.

Now, where is that super-suit?

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Meet the New Signature Mommy Bloggers: Teresa Tower-Sousa

By: Teresa Tower-Sousa

My name is Teresa Tower-Sousa and I’m a stay-at-home mom. My husband and I have been married for 11 years. We have a beautiful, 7-year-old daughter named Caylee. My husband also has a 14-year-old son, Dakota, from a previous relationship. Unfortunately, Dakota lives quite a distance away with his Mom in another state, so we have a long-distance relationship with him.

artMy daughter keeps me busy with her various activities. I’m also a student at Massasoit Community College. I’m in the process of earning my associate degree in Fine Arts. Art has always been a passion of mine. I love photography, painting, drawing and – one of my favorites – home decorating. I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through art and writing. I think my daughter is following in my footsteps, since drawing and writing have become two of her favorite past times.

I’m really excited to be a part of the Signature Mom Blog group and can’t wait to share some of my experiences. I’ve had lots of ups and downs in my life, but I’m always finding new ways to overcome the struggles of life. I hope someone can find inspiration through my blog posts.

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